notes from today’s sales meeting

3 Words to Work on to Insure a Great 4th Quarter

46 work days don’t quit now…
If you want to excel
If you want to go to the next level
If you want to insure a fantastic 4th quarter

You have to work on these 3 words

1. Focus; how long can you work with intensity on the task before you get interrupted?
2. Consistency; how often can you come back and repeat the task over time?
3. Commitment

No matter what I am going to get this done
Example of the two buildings side by side story
40’ thick steel plank 2 ‘ wide 3 feet off the ground
Ask you to walk across it for most of you no problem right?
If I raise the plank to 6 ‘ how many will walk across it?
If I raise it to 12 “ how many still walk across it?

If I raise it to 20 feet how many will walk across it?
If I rase I to 40 feet and it is in between 2 buildings how many would walk across it how about for 500 1000
How about a terrorist on the other side holding your child, or niece or nephew a loved one by the foot saying if you don’t get over here I am going to drop this kid
How many would go now????
That is commitment do whatever it takes
You don’t do this because you have options
Do this
Try this for prospecting this week
Grade yourself after each hour of

Rate yourself 1-10 in the follow areas during prospecting today
No interruptions
Who did I call and in what order
Did I use the right script or did I wing it
Never take no for an answerer when yes is still possible with a qualified lead or appt

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Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Productivity Coaching
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