Notes from Today’s Sales meeting: Make it a November to Remember

November to Remember

In last week’s meeting we talked about

To change your life you have to change
Key word “you”

I said
Today matters
I encouraged you to
Pick an activity to change….
I will practice one script this week until I know it
I will prospect 3 hours per day no matter what
I will preview 5 houses this week no matter what
I will eat 3 deserts less this week
I will exercise 200 min this week more
I will huge my kid each morning and hold it longer
I will compliment my kid at least more one time each day
I will hug my spouse or significant other one more time each day this week
I will, I will, I will….
Some of you did this and came to me this week and said wow thanks that was awesome
I did things this week I need to do I needed to work on
It really worked
Let push that success a little, lets CRANK IT UP!!!!


November to remember

General question
What if?
You talked to 840 people in the next month would some of them need to list or sell?

And if you were able to help them do that would you make some money?
Write down November has
19 work days taking Thanksgiving off
21 if you work 2 Saturdays and not taking the Friday off after Thanksgiving
What if I did that?
21 work days…4 hours of prospecting per wk day
84 hours for prospecting
And at 10 contacts per hour that is 840 contacts for the month
Now we have 5 blitz Tuesdays in the month
8 hrs of prospecting x 5days = 40 hours almost half of the goal in 5 work day

What if?
I called all my past clients this month?
What if I called all the leads that I have,
hot and medium hot and asked them to set an appt this week to buy or sell?
Would some of them buy set an appt with you?
Is it possible for some of them to buy or sell?
What if I held 2 open houses this month?
How many leads could I generate?
If you did all of these activities
How many appt could I set?
How many appt could I go on?
How many contracts could I get signed?

If you did all that would that be a November to remember????

Question: Given a choice, would you rather save time or money?

Most people focus on the money
They would be wrong

Time is more valuable than money

You and only you will determine how that asset will be spent.

Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.

Your greatest possession is the twenty-four hours you have in front of you.

How you spend the time will have a great impact on your life.

Will you allow pointless e emails, unimportant tasks, interruptions to your prospecting or interruptions to your learning the scripts and dialogs or perhaps your neg mindset regarding previewing property to consume your day….


Will you finally take complete responsibility for how you spend your time and therefore control your destiny?

How you spend the next twenty-four will speak volumes about how your future will evolve

Today matters
Commit now right now don’t leave where you are right now without committing to change some action today … and go out and have a fantastic week

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Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Productivity Coaching
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