Notes from today’s sales meeting

Are you happy with the amount of money you’re making as a Real Estate Agent
Have you ever questioned your potential and allowed yourself to want more than what you have right now?
Are you like the majority of Real Estate Agents who are spending hours in the business?
You seem to be working hard but aren’t making any money, in the book life strategies Dr. Phil says in life you either get it or you don’t, which are you, consider these words from Larry Wingert:
"You are not paid to work hard. In fact, you are not paid for effort at all. You are paid for results. It’s not what you do; it’s what you get done."

This is where you need to pay close attention
Being successful as a Real Estate Agent, whether it be as a listing agent or a buyer’s agent, all comes down to how influential you can be.
If you cannot convince a prospect to say "yes", then your business is guaranteed to fail.
If your desire is to be successful and thrive, then you must learn how to sway your prospect from ‘not sure’ they will choose you to ‘positively certain’ they will select you as their agent.

How can you do this
Knowledge = confidence….
To be a top producing salesperson you need to move motivated prospects from not sure
they will choose you to absolutely you are the right person for the job

Starts with taking action:
Spending the day in the office is not necessarily working hard
Keep a log of what you do for the week
At the end of the week break down your activates?
What % do you spend in building your skills knowledge and mindset?
What % in the pursuit of getting more business?
What % in servicing you clients?
What % in tracking your business?
Deals are going into escrow and we are working to get them closed before year end
Many buyers out there with cash… go find them
Do you have a life of broken promises?….how many times have you said ok that’s it today I will do x
And then not do it
How do you feel about yourself? Good or bad
Want to feel great? want to end the year strong.. on a big emotional high… no matter what your finical condition today
This is all you have to do
Line out a few simple activates to do daily and do them…
Question when you make a list of actives that you want to accomplish a to do list and the list is made up of actives you can accomplish not just taking a listing or making a sale something you are not in complete control of that

Like previewing property
or door knocking
or see some expireds
or working on sitting down and rewriting an
objection handler
and you complete the list…how do you feel about yourself?

Great right?
Let’s do that for all of December

What will the results be for doing that for 21 work days in December?
#1 you will feel fantastic about yourself
#2 you will see 5 active listings x 21 days =105___ houses that you previewed
#3 you will visit 5 Expired/Cancelled Listings x21=105 x30% = 32 exp seen___ expireds
#4 you will talk to 105 x2 x 10= 2100 doors x30%=630 people___people about real-estate
#5 you will feel great about yourself
Maybe for the 1st time in a long time

Your choice
What will it be continue felling bad about your self and where you are in life
Will you go out and run through the finish line?
You choose

Today matters…
Let go out and make this you best week ever

About BillGrossC21

Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Productivity Coaching
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