Notes from today’s sales meeting; Why would a seller hire you to sell their home?

3 types of agents:
Average agent
Superstar agent
Master agent
Legend agent

Characteristics of a legend agent

They are always being influential
They are Confident
They are Knowledgeable

They make people feel important sellers and buyers and the other real estate agent sometimes

They are always thinking of the consequences for not taking action, positive or negative

They are congruent they act and talk in a believable way

They practice being convincing

They Ask questions to determine is this a lead or someone that likes to hear themselves talk

They eliminate bad leads. Questions help us determine who is a good lead and who is not

They have passion. They know that without passion you loose your edge

They Stay away from passion killing situations

  • Bad leads..not motivated..
  • not knowing what to say when and how to say it
  • Tired not enough rest….
  • Interruptions disturbing news, determining the diff between important and not important

They practice

  • People are going to say the prices are going down and they work on how to handle it?
  • People are going to say I want to wait.. and they work on how to handle it.
  • People are going to say interest rates are going down and they work on how to handle it.

They know these questions and thoughts may be how they really feel they just like to hear themselves talk and spit out what they heard on talk radio or last night’s news

They know that everyone does not have the same motivation
Some clients take action for money, some for lower commission, some cheaper house, some take action for prestige gates on house nice neighborhood nicer home than a brother or sister or friend or co worker

If you don’t want to be an average agent and you want to aspire to be a legend agent then you must start today

Today matters

You must get the answer to this question:
Why would a seller or buyer hire you?

Answer this question

The buyer or the seller would hire me because……..

  • Market knowledge
  • Hard worker
  • Persistent
  • Good with numbers
  • Can find good deals
  • Available when called upon
  • Why you??????

Better know what it is it and if you don’t you had better find out what it is

You had better get better

Some where some place someone is practicing and when you meet them they will beat you

This week 5 5 10
5 previews 5 exp and 10 doors around each
Average agent will not do it
Don’t be average this week
Let’s go out and work toward legend status
Make this your best week ever

About BillGrossC21

Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Productivity Coaching
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