Notes from Today’s Sales Meeting; What is your Sales Intensity Rating?

Sales Intensity Rating

March is upon us

Business in picking up, homes are selling, multiple offers on well prices homes. Opportunities are all around us

We can make march the best sales month we have hand in years

We have to work on our attitudes
We have to work on our skills
We have to work on our mindset
We have to work like we have never have before

Realtor prayer: "Dear lord please give me one more good market and I promise not to screw up the opportunity."

What actions do I need to take to insure I take advantage of this changing market?

Line out activities goals:

  • How many days will I work for March? There are ___wk days
  • How many hours will I prospect?
  • How many Expireds will I see at the door?
  • How many contacts will I make
  • How many homes will I preview?
  • How many doors will I knock?
  • How many hours will I roll play
  • How many hours will I write out scripts?
  • How much of my prospecting will I record and have reviewed by my coach?
  • How many times will record my listing presentations and have it reviewed by Neil?

Big question: Are you working at the right Sales Intensity (SI) to take advantage of the changing market?

As I see it you can fit into 3 different groups to determine how intense a sales person you are. Where do you fit?

Group 1:

Sales Superstars! SI Rrating of 8-10 (out of a possible 10)

People in this group are focused and up for it.

They know what they want.

Words that would describe these salespeople are words like … motivated,

up for it, focused, ….tenacious, …..persistent,….. charismatic…

These salespeople are successful, they have great attitudes. Salespeople in this group are confident and self-assured because they know that they are doing what it takes to succeed. They do not fear market changes or economic crisis Superstars are often found in the office early in the morning and late into the evening. They are not clock-watchers, coffee breakers, long-lunches or excuse makers. That said, when they do need to go home early or take an extended lunch break they do it secure in the knowledge that they have done what they needed to do … and more! The main danger for this group is losing focus and intensity due to excessive work load, distractions or complacency. The best solution to this is to know what you want, know why you want it

Group 2: Maybe Baby! SI rating of 5-8

Salespeople in this group do OK.
They know what they want and they get it… some of the time. They usually get reasonable results and they can be very focused at times. Unfortunately, they can also be a bit half-hearted. They have a tendency to "go through the motions". Going through the motions will bore you. Going through the motions will dampen your sales atmosphere and, most important, going through the motions will switch your clients off… instantly!

Sales is a contest.

Selling is an activity which you have to win at!

Sales is not some politically correct, everyone is equal activity.

You either impress your prospect or you don’t!

You either make the sale or you don’t!

You either negotiate the deal you wanted or you don’t!

The money’s either in your bank account or it’s not!

There are no prizes for second place.

Commission does not come to the sales agent who "nearly" got the listing or made the sale.

The winner will not be someone who was "going through the motions".

Maybe Babyites need fire

They need desire.

They need to dig deep and work out why this really is important to them.

They need to plan their days and focus on activities that get them the results that they crave.

They need to avoid distractions and to start hanging around with the Sales Superstars.

Group 3: Mediocre Wannabees! Si Rating 4 and below also known as an average agent

Salespeople in this group are painfully unfocused.

They lack commitment, direction and discipline and they rarely hit targets

Are rarely focused.

They are usually negative

They don’t hit target and they don’t do the activities necessary to hit target.

When they do take action it’s not done in the right way, in the right attitude or with any belief that it will have the desired results.

Mediocre Wannabees can often do the job. Sometimes they have done it before.

They can often "talk a good game".

Mediocre wannabees are often "bored".

They often find their roles "too easy", "not stimulating enough", "repetitive"…

They say this and then they push papers around their desk, chat to their friends, surf the internet and stare into space oblivious of the fact that motivation comes from within…

Mediocre wannabee’s need to do some soul-searching.

They need to spend time and work out what is really important to them. They need to revisit their life plan, their goals and their behaviors.

Truth is it is mediocre waanabees half-hearted approach to work which bores them!

Get focused on what you need to do and crank up your Sales intensity rating.

You’ll have much more fun and the results will be worth it.

Today matters

Which group do you fit in?

No-one is born in a camp and everyone can move groups!

If you don’t like where you are you can change

Your choice
March sales madness
Or just march mad at yourself
You choose……..
Take action today and let’s go out and make this the best week ever

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Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Productivity Coaching
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