Notes from Today’s Sales meeting; We All Have 168 Hours a Week

We All Have 168 Hours In A Week

11 weeks have passed since Jan 1st

During those 1st few weeks we outlined what we wanted to accomplish in 2012

Are you where you planned to be?
Are you happy with your effort?
Are you happy with your production?

I am always studying what makes great people great

What makes Top producers top producers?

What makes Winner’s, winners.

One of the things I have learned is that

If someone has achieved more than you
it is not usually because they are better than you or smarter than you..

it is because they have found the strategy for success

Maybe someone told them the strategy

Maybe they read it somewhere

Maybe they just knew

But know this they have some of it figured out and they are implementing the system

the system is not a secret

It does not take a college degree to follow it

What they have learned you can learn ….what they use to succeed with you can succeed with, as long as you learn and implement the strategy

Let’s write down what some of the commonalties are

The commonalities of these successful people are the following

  1. They are better trained; they understand the importance of spending time learning; how many books have you read?
  1. They focus on their goals; they know; they need a crystal clear direction and purpose for their life; What do they want from this year?

When do they want it by? Why do they want it?

  1. They Have a high desire to achieve; They are driven to succeed they will not be denied
  1. They have discipline. They get up early they do their job they do what they say there will do
  1. They do the things that have to be done even if they don’t want to
  1. They have the courage to do what they don’t like to do
  1. They have strong commitments to learning how to handle objections
  1. They have a willingness to get out of their comfort zones; They get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  1. They replace old habits with new productive ones; Yes previewing is boring yet they do it anyway
  1. They have a detailed plan and follow it
  1. They practice constantly
  1. They maximize the use of their time; When they are at work they work

When at home they are at home

  1. They have a productive attitude not just a positive one
  1. They set time dead lines and don’t quit on them; They work on controlling their emotions (not a lot of drama in a top producers life diet exercise prospecting
  1. They are honest with themselves; Have the ability to laugh at themselves; They keep things simple
  1. Looking for a way to expand there thinking

This week matters

We all have 168 hours in the week

Some people achieve an enormous amount with in those hours

some do little more than eat and sleep.

What will you do this week

How will you spend them?

What changes will you make?

What actions will you take to move your life forward?

Don’t worry about what you have not done; Let’s take advantage of the week ahead of us

How many 5-5- 10 days with you complete?

Will you participate in the phone blitz this week and will you stay for the entire time?

Will you participate in the door blitz this week?

What script with you commit to learning this week?

Your choice

let’s go out and make this your most productive week ever

About BillGrossC21

Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Productivity Coaching
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