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11 Reasons Why Agents Succeed

Review this list, and rate yourself in each area 1-10 (1 is completely incompetent and 10 is a master)

_____ 1. Focus on business generation. Systems include: Past client and sphere of influence, just listed just door, leads, 800 number leads, FSBOs, Expired Listings;

_____ 2. Prospect earlier in the day. To get it done early, avoid distractions. No news, email, Facebook, phone, until after
prospecting. Prepare the night before;

_____ 3. Tough on pricing, and go back faster for reductions;

_____ 4. Prospect for appointments, not leads. The secret to lead follow-up is now;

_____ 5. Track and monitor everything they do. What you track you can improve;

_____ 6. Review their business plan weekly;

_____ 7. Work on scripts every day. Don’t use it, you lose it. 30 min daily;

_____ 8. Stay on schedule at all costs. Freedom is a paradox: discipline gives you freedom, lack of discipline is a prison. My schedule is what I want my life to be;

_____ 9. Maintain high standards for themselves. Rules for
interruptions, listing price, commission, schedule;

_____ 10. Don’t get emotionally involved in their deals. Brings you out of integrity;

_____ 11. Have a plan with accountability and structure to make their dreams come true.


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