Notes from today’s sales meeting

7 weeks Until the Superstar Retreat, Time is Running Out

We have 5 weeks left, 25 work days, Time is running out
Question: Do you know someone who by the SSR will have 7 to 10–15 properties pending going into July 13th?
Could it be you? Why not you? Why not you?

Lets review some of the activities need to work on to make this happen

Work daily on your time management.
Think of time management as time choices
What choice of activities will I do during this period of time.. Will I prospect? Will I work on my scripts? Will I role play? Will I write my scripts? or will I watch TV? Or will I feel sorry for myself?

Look for buyers and sellers every day, not occasionally. Forever That is your job. Period. No appointments, no sales. 80% of your time looking for sellers. 20% of your time or less looking for buyers

Pre-qualify every buyer and seller.
Not just financially but emotionally. A financially qualified buyer who is not ready to pull the trigger is not as good a buyer who has to buy now and will do everything needed to do to get the job done….
Take every listing if motivation is 7 or above

Work on making strong listing presentations. Practice, practice, practice. Somewhere some place someone is practicing and when you meet them they will beat you.

Having the ability to start over every day.
Fresh. Start over at zero
Fight complacency…when you think you have some money in the bank, or some listings that have not sold or some pendings that have not closed that creates… some type of comfort zone.
Work on waking up every morning pretending you have no leads, no listings and no escrows and see if that doesn’t throw you out of bed Questions to be answered by you…

What is my level of commitment and for how long am I willing to make it? Am I willing to change my mindset, my skills, and habits today? How much more disciplined must I become?
Am I willing to fight complacency?
How intense am I going to be with the coaching that I am willing to receive? Am I willing to give up groveling and complaining?
Am I willing to stay on the course and not quit the program if it doesn’t work by next week?
Put yourself in situations and with people that make you uncomfortable. If you are always in comfortable situations, you are not going to grow. If I stay at present production for the next months will I be happy with myself?
Today matters
What you do today will make all the difference in the world for how your tomorrow looks…

You can do nothing today and have nothing tomorrow
You can take action today and create a better tomorrow
Let’s go out and make the next 5 weeks the best ever


Bill Gross
Productivity Coach
Direct: 310-210-0008

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