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Customer Service

2 Definitions of Value Added
A. Something you don’t need
B. Only that which you do need

1. Make great customer service your obsession … and repeat and referral business will follow.

2. There is a direct correlation between the income we receive and the level of service that we offer. To improve the income, improve the service.

3. Great customer service revolves around answering any concerns that they have, doing what you told them you were going to do and telling them the truth.

4. Great customer service requires regular communication, whether it be a listing in process or a sale in process, calling them every 7 days is critical.

5. Block out a period of time every week to talk with your sellers and buyers regarding their transactions.

6. Use all of your service providers to create better customer service … the title company, the mortgage company, the home protection company, etc.

7. Start the process of under-promising and over-delivering … it is much better than over-promising and under-delivering … your customers will appreciate this.

8. In talking to them every 7 days let them know what they need to know, let them know that you care, but don’t focus on the problems that they have … solve them.

9. Remember that the qualities of reliability, dependability and honesty are what they are looking for … so practice these 3 qualities.

10. When listing a home for sale, tell them exactly what steps you are going to go through, give them a copy of your Plan of Action and then ask them to check them off as you accomplish each step. Do the same for a transaction in process.

11. Consider doing a survey to all of your clients after the closing. Ask them to respond whether the transaction was positive or negative.

12. The highest level of service on a listing is to get the property sold and the highest level of service on a transaction process is to get the transaction closed.

13. Encourage your clients to tell you what they liked and didn’t like … it creates the opportunity for you to improve.

14. If you are using your staff for customer service, have a simple check list prepared for them that tells them what to do and when to do it … make sure they know what they are saying.

15. Train your staff to ask for referrals every time they speak with your clients.

16. Treat every person as you would like to be treated … to enhance your customer service.

17. Remember customer service is a method of developing business both now and in your future … it is your residual income.

18. Remember your customers are your biggest asset. treat them with respect.

19. Be sure to say thank You to your customers often … it emphasizes their value to you.

20. Remove the drama of the transaction by having solutions to common problems before they come up.


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