Summary of notes from today’s Action Workshop

1. Selling is not telling
2. Selling is asking questions
3. Real estate is a numbers game
4. To sell more talk to more people

3 ways to get business
1. Wait for it
2. Buy it
3. Find it

7 rules
A. Find people to buy and sell real estate
B. Follow-up with them daily
C. Qualify them carefully
D. Close them often
E. Presentation
F. Negotiate
G. Start over again every day, this is how we build a long-term business

To get a lot out of the event:
Take notes
Ask questions
Laugh a lot, it relieves stress
Be open minded (this may be like a foreign language)
Turn off cellphones
Be on time, practice at 830
Stay in chair
Dont share negative thoughts
Do all homework

About BillGrossC21

Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Productivity Coaching
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