Determine today to not allow others to pull you down as you reach for your goals!

Here is the link for this section from the sales meeting today

How to accelerate your business this time of year:

Have you ever experienced a time when you were trying to move to a new level or reach an exciting goal only to find that those closest to you seemed to be pulling you back down? It is one of the most common things experienced by those who desire to live a better more fulfilling life. If a average or complacent person sees that you are trying to make a better life for you and your family they will do everything they can think of to discourage you from attaining that goal. However, if a successful, energetic, big thinker sees you trying to attain a higher level, they will more than likely encourage you and find a way to help you achieve that goal. It’s simple, if someone isn’t helping you up, then they are pulling you down, THERE ARE NO NEUTRAL PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE!!!! Stay away from average and mediocre thinkers and "ACTIVELY" search for people who will encourage and support you on your way to the top.
Remember there are only two things that will determine how you will live 5 years from now:

the books you read; and the people who you spend time with
Determine today to not allow others to pull you down as you reach for your goals!

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