Notes and audio from today’s group call on Negotiate Contacts


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1. Almost every agent considers themselves good at negotiating … most are not because they do not have good sales skills.

2. Emotion and drama kills negotiating power. Control what you say to the client.

3. Remember, you are not buying or selling the home … keep your emotions out of it. The transaction is not about you, it is about them.

4. Controlled emotions are an asset, and uncontrolled emotions are liabilities.

5. Remember you are not part of the negotiation itself, so don’t let your commission be dragged into it.

6. When negotiating, look carefully at both sides of the transaction to get a better perspective … this creates a win-win situation.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask them to accept the transaction as it stands.

8. Both agents should have the same goal in mind … which is a signed contract. To find out if the goal is the same, ask all parties a lot of questions.

9. Keep your focus on what is best for your client … and not on yourself and the commission you will earn.

10. We can’t win every transaction that we are involved in … Don’t be attached to the outcome.

11. Do your negotiating via fax and phone, don’t spend your time running around trying to see everybody.

12. Have your staff do this for you if possible and have them bring it to

you only if the deal is not going to be accepted.

13. Refer back to the buyer’s or seller’s motivation often during the


14. Don’t burn your bridges with the buyer, seller or other agent because the deal may come back together.

15. Remember to keep your ego out of the transaction because all it does is create problems. Remove the thought … “don’t these people know who I am?”

Next Week: Working with Buyers



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