What do you do the day after a listing appointment if you do NOT get it?

The number one rule of sales is “Always be closing”, so what do you do after you have been at a listing appointment but you didn’t get the listing contract signed?

First thing you do is realize that the lead is as hot as it will ever get. You know they’re qualified. You know they’re motivated. You have met them already so there is a comfort level there now, right? They have seen your presentation so they’re already prepared, marketed to, all that. That’s as hot a lead as you’re every going to have. Realize that.

What do you do with hot leads? What do you do every day with all of your hot leads?

By definition, you call them up every day, right? Call them the next day. That is step number one, always call the next day. Always, always, always, always, always. Mike Ferry says that sales is like romance. Think of the listing presentation as an attempt to have an intimate relationship, sign a contract with them, that left on good terms but was not consummated. It’s as if you went to dinner together, you hung out together, it’s more than a date. It’s a really good date, right? What do you always do if you’re dating? What do you always do the day after great dates? Call! Call them. Call them and thank them for their time. Did you appreciate meeting with them? Tell them that you are thankful for their time. Number one thing you do in any relationship you’re in, with your spouse or your kids, with anybody, colleagues, friends. Tell them that you appreciate them. People can never get too much appreciation, they can never be thanked too often. Call them to thank them. That’s number one, call and thank them.


Step 2, ask them what questions they may still have. Did anything come up after you met last night that you had a question about? When you ask that question, I have had people say, “Oh, yeah, I’m glad you called.” What does that mean, "I’m glad you called?" Meaning, "I have a question in my mind that is in the way of us doing business but I did not take the time to call you." If they have a question in mind, they’re not ready to sign yet. If you answer the question, they might be ready to.

What are common questions? You got an appointment and then you did not get it signed. The next day, what kind of questions do sellers call you with? “Do you think we’ll get a full listing price? How long will it take to sell?” So many questions. The questions are the reason why they haven’t signed the contract. Ask them to find out what questions they still have. Get them out there, get them resolved. The other agent may have called them and said, “Oh, Century 21 is a bad company. That agent is a bad agent. We have a special, magic pixie dust that helps our listings get sold.” They might say to you, “Well, I’m just curious. Do you use magic pixie dust on your listings?” Whatever that might be. Do you stage your houses? Do you have a property website? Do you have videos? We’ve all had those questions that other agents sell our prospects on. The special formula that’s going to sell the house, and so on and so forth. You need to get that off the table right away, so invite them to ask questions.

What now?

Step 3, close to get together with them again. This is one of the biggest mistake agents make, not closing to get together so that you can list the property. You’re ready to list the house. You’re ready to sign the contracts. You’ve asked and answered their questions. You’re ready to list the property. You’re ready to get the listing on the market. You need to meet again to get the contract signed! Again, using sales and romance, the analogy again, what’s that like saying? You go on a date with a girl, you don’t quite get intimate, but it gets close, you call the next day and say to the girl, “Thank you for your time,” and then you say to her, “Are you ready to consummate the relationship?” Is that what you would say on the phone? No! What would you maybe say? You might say, “I got a great bottle of wine and tonight, the such and such show is on. Do you want to come over and check it out?” What are you really asking for? You are asking for another opportunity to close! A romantic close but still a close. Same is true in sales. You call them up with a reason to get together again. “I noticed after we met last night, this morning there was a new listing at 123 Main Street. Did you notice that?” “No.” “Really? I think it might change some of the numbers we talked about. I would like to get together with you again. I’m just going to pop over …” “to talk about it with you for five or ten minutes.” “Great, is Joe going to be home too?” What am I really saying to them? What do they know I’m really saying to them? I’m coming over and you’re going to sign. They know it. You just don’t say it, okay? Does that make sense? Obviously, you can’t do that if you’re here and you live here and you market here and this seller lives in the boonies. That’s why you want to do business closer to home. When Joe is home, you want to pop over and be there. Make sense?

Let’s review the three steps:

  • Call them the next day to thank them for their time
  • Ask them if they have any questions
  • Find a reason to call them, and re-close and get the contract signed

Now go out there and takes what’s yours!

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