Listhub publishers; attached

Here is a list of all publishers that our listings get syndicated to, who in turn publish to over 600 websites. You will notice that major competing real estate organizations are among them, assuring our listings show on their websites as well.

Objection: Well, company X has a great website that will show my listing;

Handler: Interesting, would you like your listing published on their website, plus ours, plus (add company), plus over 600 others? Let me show you the list of publishers we will send your listing to, including (company x).

photo Bill Gross
General Manager, Century 21 Masters
p:Bill.Gross | | a: 1169 Fairway Drive, Suite 100, Walnut, CA 91789
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Listhub publishers for Century 21 Masters.pdf

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Licensed California Real Estate Broker and Productivity Coaching
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