Find Missing Contacts that are Sitting in your Email; Review of Evercontact is an amazing service that will strip out contact information from your emails and can look back as far as one year to find those contacts you may have missed.

I have been using since it launched. It is amazing tool particularly effective for real estate agents given the large percentage of contacts that lie outside our company.

Often during the flurry of administering a transaction we don’t have the time to input all the contact information from every person we interact with. Often, the phone number or email or company name we are looking for a sitting in the signature line of the emails we have received, yet we cannot easily find it. Evercontact will daily update your contacts directly from the information in the email signature line of emails you receive. It is 100% automated.

Your contacts automatically up to date

How does it work? Well, really, I don’t know the details, but it detects the signature in your incoming email, analyzes the data into the appropriate fields (email, phone, street address, company name, title, social media, etc.), and then updates them directly in your Google Contacts Address book.

There are also versions for Microsoft Outlook, and CRM products Salesforce or ConnectWise. The service costs $5 a month going forward, and to flashback costs only $49 for 1 year or $99 for 5 years.

You can try it free for 30 days with this link. 

(Disclaimer: I use the GMail version and the flashback, and I paid for both).

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