Limiting Distractions

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”
― Winston S. Churchill

Every real estate agent I have ever coached struggles with sticking to their schedule. We all know that we have a choice at every moment to either work on something that is important or trivial, and too often we make the wrong choice because we get distracted. In fact, I believe getting distracted is most often from a lack of planning.

On my daily accountability call today, we shared the most common distractions and several potential solutions for each. Do you have an additional distraction? An additional solution we missed? If so, please add to the discussion and add a comment below.

1. Assistant or staff or colleagues
a. Negative punishment; have a fine for each time they interrupt;
b. Make sure the time schedule and guidelines are clear. I heard Chris Heller say he used to have a sign on his door “if my house is burning, please call the fire department. I am prospecting until noon.”
c. Ignore; husbands are practiced at ignoring their wives, but perhaps we can ignore the interruptions?
d. Please a sign outside our office/prospecting area. Mike Ferry had given out big Red Stop Signs at an event years ago;
e. Create bonus for an assistant for when they do not interrupt, say stating with $100 a month, and then deduct from it any day there is an interruption;
f. Create an incentive for not being distracted: give yourself a bonus if you get through prospecting without interruption;
g. Track ourselves; Use Jerry Seinfeld’s method of tracking on a calendar each day we do not get interrupted, link here. Keep the chain going.

2. Cell phone, including calls, text messages, and notifications
a. Place a post it note to turn off before prospecting;
b. Put phone away when prospecting, or give to a colleague/staff/assistant
c. Keep phone on silent/no vibration all the time;
d. Place phone face down;
e. Develop the mindset that like a champion athlete or brain surgeon, it is inappropriate to handle phone calls during money time;

3. Office Phone
a. Turn the volume down or put on Do Not Disturb function;
b. Tape over the little message waiting light so it won’t distract;
c. Unplug the phone during prospecting time

4. Desktop computer
a. Turn off all notifications, beeps, etc.
b. Create a rule prohibiting Facebook or email tabs open during prospecting time;
c. Use a different browser to prospect, i.e. if you normally use Google Chome then use Internet Explorer just for prospecting and limit it to only those things you using to prospect;
d. Login as a different user to prospect (setup in Microsoft Windows);
e. Use the parental controls to ban Facebook;
f. Develop the mindset to resist any other programs during prospecting;
g. Use a separate computer for prospecting; there are inexpensive Chromebooks and laptops costing $250 or less to use just for prospecting.

The challenge I issued on today’s call was to take your personal top distraction and select 1 (one) solution and try it today, and report your results tomorrow. These are big issues, but we have to make progress, and small steps over time will win.

Join us on the daily accountability and share your results! Call Dial: (712) 775-7035
Access Code: 211397# at 8AM PDT weekdays.

Do you have a different distraction? Please share below. Do you have another solution you want to share with the group? Share below.

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