My Favorite Motivational Video on Youtube is One Directions XFactor Tryout?

I use Youtube whenever I am either getting dressed in the morning or at my desk at work to play either motivational videos, uplifting music, or clean comedy.

My favorite motivational video all time is One Direction’s tryout on X-Factor. Yes, I know, sounds weird. Well, first the reason I follow them at all is I have a teenage daughter (mathematically, that means either I follow pop music or I have no relationship with her, so I chose to follow pop music).

So, what is so motivating about the video. Well, its understanding what was going on. At the time of this episode of XFactor, they were not yet really formed as a group, but since individually they had failed to move forward in the competition, they were encouraged to work together. This episode has them facing elimination, AND one of the band members had just gone to the hospital after receiving a jelly fish sting. Imagine you men from the UK coming to the Marbella, Spain to film the show, having one of their members in the hospital, and they face elimination with Simon Cowell as one of the judges.

When you see their faces, and listen to the voices, you hear the absolute commitment. Somehow at that moment in time they realized that they had to put everything on the line, and they did.

How many times are we backed up against difficult circumstances, after working for weeks/months/years? Do we let it loose? Our destiny changes in those moments.

Here is the video that reminds me of that moment….If you have one you like better, please share it below

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