Product Review: Testimonial Products RealSatisfied and Reach150

Testimonials are such an important part of marketing, and getting more important daily. Many agents push clients to individual websites like Zillow, Yelp, or merely collect emails and republish them. The risk of pushing them to one platform is what happens if that platform goes the way of MySpace or Friendster? Also, is it worth the expense.


RealSatisfied is $99 a year, and free for Century 21 agents. It only works with verified closings, so will limit you to closings going forward and a limited number of recent closings. The advantage is their recommendations are “verified” which they offer carries more value. Realsatisfied allows the agent to have one point of contact for their testimonials, then pushes them to and social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), as well as creates a profile where you can link all other social media. You can see my profile here, but I have no testimonials yet as I have not closed any transactions with my company since this service became available.


Reach150 is a customer testimonial product that consolidates testimonials, and manages the process of testimonial solicitation that you can not only use with future closings and recent, but also all past clients as well as vendors. This is ideal for an agent or any business person that is looking to build quickly their testimonial backlog. You can solicit anyone who has an email address, as well as can link both your profile and solicitation in your email or on your website. I was quickly able to accumulate testimonials, as you can see on my profile here. Reach150 is both further reaching (past clients, non-closed transactions) but also more expensive, with plans starting at $25 per month. This is also a product appropriate for non-Realtors, so you can introduce to business owners both as a way to solicit testimonials and as a way for them to build their inventor. My customers found it quick and easy to use, and I found it easy to both guide them with a link in my email signature and their web page to input a number of clients at one time.

Again, both these products are creating the risk they they go away one day, so I believe a smart agent will ask customers to complete one testimonial, then copy and paste the same into the other sources you need. Real150 works best for this, as you can create a list of those customers glad to help, when they respond to Reach150 I would ask them to also complete one in Zillow, and Yelp by sending them the appropriate link. That way your both your assets and your reputation is diversified.

What is your strategy? I would love your feedback in comments below.

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