The 9 Characteristics of a Real Estate Ninja

The 9 Characteristics of a Real Estate Ninja

One of the best business books I have read in the last year is “How to Be a Productivity Ninja” by Graham Allcott. As a real estate professional, working on our productivity skills can leverage our time and create arithmetic increases in our income and value to our customers. So many of my colleagues and customers are like a car stuck in the mud, pressing the gas pedal harder yet moving slowly if at all.

How can we be like Ninja warriors, successful in our mission as efficiently as possible? Here is my application of the 9 principles of the book to a real estate agent looking to dramatically increase their business:

1. Zen-like calm


Real estate is an emotional business, as we deal with people’s most private matters in both their home and their finances. As a Ninja, we need to remain the calming force in our customer’s lives and the community we operate in.

2. Ruthlessness


Real estate agents are bombarded with distractions, from interruptions in the office, countless vendors pushing their mistakes onto our to-do list, and customers that do not know the boundaries of our business. We have to be ruthless in our application of rules, procedures, with a calm and certainty.

3. Weapon-savvy


There are so many tools for real estate agents, so many new shiny toys. Ninja warriors are masters of the tools they have an adapting to the available material as weapons, and we as real estate professionals need to be masters of the tools we have and procedures we use rather than constantly seeking a new weapon that we think will win the day.

4. Stealth and camouflage


Ninjas seem to attack out of nowhere, we also need to be able to hide when necessary. I do not believe answering every phone call is the practice of anyone who is successful.

5. Unorthodoxy


Ninjas succeed because their methods are so different. As real estate agents, we need to find a niche or niches where we excel so greatly that our value proposition to our customers becomes obvious.

6. Agility


The classic Ninja movie shows the warrior jumping, tumbling, attacking and defending from all angles. As real estate professionals, we are in a very complex business, with details and emotions and often huge amounts of money involved. We have to be able to react quickly and appropriately and effectively.

7. Mindfulness


Ninjas are focused on their task and goal. Too many real estate professionals are so focused on their commission they neglect the requirement to create value for their clients. Are you focused on your mission?

8. Being Prepared


Successful warriors of all flavors are known for having their weapons ready at all times, constantly preparing for the next battle. As real estate agents, we need to be prepared for the next big opportunity before it is on our calendar.

9. We are Human, not a Superhero


One of the great messages of the book is that Ninja warriors are human, they are not superheroes. Real estate agents too often reach for a superman cape they do not really own. We need to use our human vulnerability as an asset by being as honest and transparent and ethical as we can in our practice.

Obviously, each of these ideas are areas for an entire whole discussion. Which one are you interested in most? Which one surprises you or do you disagree with?

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